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Based in the Northern Rivers, NSW, Australia, we are proudly local and love supporting and assisting local businesses, as well as customers all over Australia. Web Design Lismore, Ballina, Alstonville, Evans Head, Byron Bay, Murwillumbah, Mullumbimby, Tweed Heads and anywhere in Australia.

Small Beginnings, Big Plans…

What began as a personal frustration over the many super ugly and clunky websites that can be found on the internet (you know em, you’ve seen em!) then¬† developed into a genuine desire to help businesses dramatically change their online presence by redesigning and rebuilding epically amazing websites for them. Literally, we wanted to change the world, one website at a time. (Okay, maybe a little dramatic).

But we really are passionate about beautiful design. We love gorgeous imagery and colour, well laid out framework and great content. We want every web design to feel ‘right’ – to look great to the eye, but to also work intuitively for the user – no weirdness, no ‘why did it do that?!’ moments, and definitely no ‘whoah, that is ugly!’

We often get asked ‘Yeah, but why ‘famenkko‘? What does that mean?’

Well, there is a bit of a story to that. Have you ever tried to come up with a business name where the domain name was also available? Yeah, it’s super hard.

In fact, almost impossible. It seems every clever idea you come up with someone has already thought of it first! So the key to nabbing a cool, original, still-available domain name really is to be cleverly simply, creatively bold and make something up! Which is exactly what we did. However, in saying that, the name famenkko is not completely without thought:

We Love Design…

In fact, if we had to narrow it down, we particularly love Scandi design – its clean lines, its creative flair. We love all things Scandi; the countries, the landscapes, the designs, the cool Scandi language (reminiscent of Vikings, exploration and discovering new worlds), with its weirdly cool dots over letters and double letter combinations!

Running with the Scandi-theme, we wanted to do for websites what Swedish company Ikea did for furniture (flat packed, super cool design, user-friendly and easy on the bank balance). Not only that, one of the company founders has distinctly Northern European ancestry. A name that seemed to encapsulate all of these distinct creative thoughts was very important to us and sooner or later ‘famenkko’ appeared on the ‘drawing board’. It just felt right, and here we are today!

The most exciting moment at the start of any new project is the flow of ideas and creativity, all with a proverbial blank slate in front of us! Are you looking for a stunning website design to showcase your business?

Our Next Project Could Be Yours…