Can you work on my existing website?

Unfortunately, the answer to that question is generally no. It’s tricky working on a website that’s been completed by someone else as we’re limited by what has already been built on the site. Integration of forms and CRM systems can’t be guaranteed and there may be conflicts with existing plugins or code that cause issues for your ‘new’ website.  Sometimes, a significant amount of unraveling of ugly design, bad code or both would be required. It’s actually far more cost effective for us both to simply rebuild your site and do it properly from scratch.

However, if you do have a website that’s in great shape and you’re wanting someone to look after it for you (content uploads, daily backups and management), you’ll love our Comprehensive Subscription Service where you get unlimited support on your site.

I need help with emails? Do you guys do that?

Yes, absolutely! We offer Google Suite (G-Suite) email setup, a cloud-based service which is incredibly reliable and super fast. G-Suite also offers access to hundreds of free online apps including Google Calendar, Docs, Sheets, Drive etc, with 30GB of storage on your drive.

Being cloud-based, you’re able to access and edit your emails and files from anywhere in the world, on any device, as long as you have an internet connection. It also means you can store all your files ‘in the cloud’, from anywhere in the world.

Email setup starts at $495AUD and then you simply pay Google directly for your accounts at $5AUD per user per month. Normally, it takes about one business day to get you up and running, with minimal fuss!

Do I get access to my website?

Yes absolutely! Every subscription package comes with full author access, enabling you to create, edit and update your own blogs.

A huge benefit in choosing to have your website with us is that you don’t have to worry about all the tricky, technical stuff. We make sure your site is always performing as expected and that your internet presence is always professionally displayed.

Do I own my website?

The short answer is no. However, you own all the content on your site. Let us explain: We offer a subscription-based service, which differs from the traditional web design services you might have used in the past. Most website designers require a large upfront cost to build a new site, with ongoing costs each time you want to modify it or update any code or plugins. This can be costly and also difficult for cash flow.

With options to suit your different requirements, the initial up-front one-off establishment fee for our website packages is very affordable and the ongoing monthly subscription fee guarantees regular maintenance, updates and top-notch hosting for your website, again at an affordable rate. As part of the subscription package, you are also welcome to take advantage of a free update/refresh every 24 months, if you choose.

If you change your mind about using our services, you are welcome to leave the service at any time – there are no lock-in fees or penalties for leaving. However, if you want to take your website with you (ie you want to own it), we also offer a buy-out option, set at $2,250.00, that enables you to do this.

I don't know what to write for my website! Can you help?

Yet we can! You are certainly welcome to provide your own content, which we will ensure is SEO optimised, or we can coordinate with an expert international content writer to have content written specifically for your site.

What about getting a domain name for my website?

Because your domain name will belong to you, we prefer that you host your own domain name and maintain control over this hugely important business asset. We do, however, recommend using Crazy Domains, and you’ll find purchasing a domain name and creating your account is a very straightforward process. Once this part is completed, you then send us your login details enabling us to assist you as necessary, while still retaining ownership and control over your intellectual property.

To begin the process, visit As always, we are very happy to help you through this process if you get stuck!

I like the sound of everything (but what's with the forest theme?)

Here’s the cool thing about designing your own website – you can include anything you want! In this case, though, there’s a couple of reasons why we’ve got pine-forest-y themed things on our site. Firstly, our head-honcho-boss-lady likes ’em and what she likes, she gets.

Also, ever heard of the saying “can’t see the wood for the trees”? Course you have. We aim to help you navigate through what can sometimes feel like a deep, dark forest to find your own special tree on the other side. And of course, trees symbolise growth – exactly what we want your business to do!

I'm in! When can you get started?

We offer fast turn-around, with the ability to scale quickly, so if you’re after a brand spanking new website, either customised or standard build, we’re able to begin your project straight away. (Customised builds may take slightly longer than 21 days to design and build, depending on your specific requirements.)