Welcome To A New Way of Thinking About Web Design!

Think you need to spend thousands on a new web design? Or worried that you might hand over those thousands and get a terrible website in return? We hear ya! We’ve had those same feelings ourselves and had plenty of disappointing website experiences. In fact, one of the reasons the team at Famenkko began doing what we do was a genuine desire to create websites our customers could be proud of (and ones we wouldn’t cringe at when we saw them on the internet).

Another thing that became clear to us was that most of our customised preferred to have a more consistent idea of their cash flow from month to month – and a fully customised website build, with a large upfront cost and drawn out build time, just didn’t suit their requirements. It seemed a no-brainer decision for us to offer our services under a subscription-based model. Our customers get value for money with our beautiful website templates, peace of mind with our managed hosting packages and great cashflow with our easy, monthly payments.

Here’s What You Need

Having a website that looks good is just as important as one that functions well. This includes things such as how the actual site has been built, but it will also include additional aspects like hosting, content management, platform updating and security. Not everyone wants to or knows how to design, manage or maintain their website, from start to finish.

This is where we come in! We will build a stunning, high performance website on our subscription-based platform designed to showcase your business, and we’ll also host and manage it for you on a monthly plan that best suits your business.

Here’s What You Get

Payment Gateways

Integrated payment gateways and e-commerce store for online selling.

SEO Friendly Websites

All our websites are search engine optimised to increase traffic on your site and enable higher ranking with Google.

Conversion Goals

Our websites include clear call-to-action points designed to convert visitors and increase enquiries.

Mobile Responsive

Our sites are built to look good on all devices and browsers, particularly mobile devices as this how the majority of people will view your website.

Lifetime Support

You gain access to dedicated support for as long as you’re with us and we’re always happy to help.

Anti-Hack Website Security

Advanced third-party security software to optimise your website and avoid spam, hacking and other security issues.

CRM Integration

Build your mailing list or integrate and automate your business.

Option To Refresh

It’s important to regularly check your site still suits your requirements. We’ll do this for you after 24 months and happily refresh for free, if needed.

Premium High Speed Hosting

Premium, ultra fast Australian hosting via a high-security Sydney data centre providing consistent and dependable performance for your website/s.

How It Works


Moving to our subscription-based service is easy! First, you simply decide the look and feel of the subscription-based platform on which your website is built, choosing from either our Standard Website Build or our Customised Website Build. We have a range of stunning template layouts to choose from or you can go all-out and have your website custom designed to include unique features and individual specifications, with our template pages as a starting point.


You then select the level of management that best suits your business. To see what’s included in each subscription click here.


¬†You’ll need to provide some information, such as logo, photos, content and any other instructions you may have, and we’ll now get a scurry on and create your new site, which will be ready for your review* in 21 business days (or less!). (If your custom site takes longer than 21 days, your ‘free trial period’ will be adjusted out to commence one week after you have been sent the staging link for your new site.)

Place An Order

Place an order of either ‘Standard Build’ or ‘Custom Build’ and choose your management level to get started. Your management subscription will start charging 30 days after your website design project begins (described as ‘free trial period’).

Supply Your Content

Supply your logo, photos, content and any other information you think is necessary to complete your new website. (Don’t have photos or a logo? – talk to us about additional options that you can easily add to your order)

Website Delivery

Take a look at your new website! You’ll be able to review your site after 21 business days* and once you’re happy with the look and feel, we’ll take it live for you!

*Standard website build only. Custom website build may take longer depending on your requirements. Review period limited to 21 days, with ‘reasonable changes’ only.